New site here we come!

We’re moving!  Bought a VPS (thanks Linode!) and as it turns out my name was available as a domain.  So if you are seeing this blog for the first time, content will start being migrated to


Kybernetes at Robogames 2013

Kybernetes is a robot I created at UC Merced for the Robotics Society. Up until now I have been the principle developer of both hardware and software, but we are working on teaching all of our members about hardware and/or software so the burden isn’t entirely on my shoulders. Either way, we placed second at Robogames by getting within 7 feet from the goal cone. Didn’t manage to complete the course for two reasons – We had a power problem and I spent three hours working on a solution with the spare parts I had, and the vision was not so great because I hadn’t had a chance to calibrate it, because I completed the software between our second and third run, in which our IMU malfunctioned and botched the run. A lot of work and love went into Kybernetes, and its practically been my pet this semester. It accompanies me to class many days because I worked on it during my sporadic free time. I’ve open sourced all of the code, because I like to share my work. One of the interesting things about Kybernetes is that I am optimizing the software for Linux and the ARM architecture, and am building a lightweight, optimized alternative to ROS on ARM platforms.

Kybernetes Software:

Kybernetes Linux Kernel: